North Atlantic Conference Athletics Bench Beverage Policy

NAC Member administrators, coaches and sports medicine personnel routinely advise student-athletes about the health risk of stimulant/supplement fortified sports drinks and strongly discourage their consumption at any time.  Notably numerous sports drinks new to the market not only combine various forms of stimulants but also contain ingredients listed on the NCAA banned substance list due primarily to their inherent health risk rather than any potential performance enhancement.  All beverages containing stimulants increase risk of dehydration and may be contraindicated for individuals with asthma and/or taking any medications. 


In accordance with NCAA banned substance policies as well as NAC Conference and Member Institutions commitment to fostering the health and welfare of our student-athletes, NAC member institutions agree to limit beverage consumption during competitive events to water and/or Gatorade/PowerAde only, except where another beverage is medically necessary. Furthermore, no cans or glass containers are to be allowed in the bench/locker room/participation areas throughout competition.  Bench staff may consume non-supplement containing soft-drinks but are to adhere to the no glass/can policy.  

Nutritional supplements are not strictly regulated and may contain substances banned by the NCAA. Click here to view the list of NCAA banned drug classes. For questions regarding nutritional supplements, please visit the:

National Center for Drug Free Sport Resource Exchange Center (REC) Web site

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