Men's Golf Championship Guidelines 2019-20

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Championship Format

  • Sponsoring Institutions
  • Championship Date
  • Championship Handbook (coming soon)
  • Prechampionship Call
  • Coaches Meeting
  • Match Format
  • Lineups
  • Coaches Packet
  • Practice Round
  • Practice Range
  • Scorecard Procedure
  • Tiebreaking
  • Live Scoring
  • Results
  • Awards
    • Prechampionship Poll
    • All-Conference Teams

Section 2 - Participants & Equipment

  • Squad size
  • Advice
  • Distance Measuring Device
  • Head Phones
  • Balls
  • Cars, Carts & Caddies

Section 3 - Playing Rules & Hosting Expectations

  • Disputes
  • Suspended or Incomplete Championship
  • Games Committee
  • Rules Committee
  • Travel & Lodging
  • Hosting
    • Host Rotation
    • Facility Requirements
    • Tee Times
    • Finances
    • Tournament Director
    • Enforcing Championship Guidelines
    • Medical Personnel
    • Sports Information
    • Programs
    • NAC Banners
    • Spectators & Crowd Control
    • Concessions
    • Alcohol & Tobacco
    • Championship T-shirts & Merchandise

Section 4 - Appendix



Sponsoring Institutions (9)
2019-20: Canton, Castleton, Delhi, UMaine-Farmington, Husson, NVU-Johnson, Maine Maritime, UMaine-Presque Isle, Thomas

Championship Date
The conference championship will be conducted in the fall on the second or third weekend in October. Saturday/Sunday are the preferred dates, with Friday/Saturday and Sunday/Monday as options if approved by the Athletics Directors Council.

  • The 2019 Championship is Saturday, October 12 & Sunday, October 13, at the Waterville Country Club in Oakland, Maine, hosted by Thomas College.

Prechampionship Call
The mandatory pre-championship call for all participating head coaches is Monday, October 7 at 7:00 PM.

Coaches Meeting
A mandatory coaches meeting will be held at the competition site by the Games Committee prior to the first tee time to review all rules and conditions under which the tournament will be played.  All head coaches are required to attend the meeting

Match Format

  • All institutions that sponsor a varsity men’s golf team shall participate in the NAC championship.
  • A two-day, 36-hole stroke play championship shall be conducted.
  • Teams shall consist of four or five golfers, with the top four individual scores counting for each round.
  • Individuals not competing in the event as part of an institution’s team will not be allowed to participate.
  • The team with the lowest cumulative score at the conclusion of the championship shall be declared the conference champion and receive the conference AQ to the NCAA championship.

Day One

  • Day one team pairing is determined by the order of finish from the previous championship, and shall be done in ascending order (1-9).
  • Players will be grouped by position (No. 1 players paired, No. 2 players paired, etc.) within each flight.
  • Tee times will begin with No. 1 players teeing off first, continuing in ascending order with No. 5 players teeing off last in each flight.

 Day Two

  • Day two/second round pairings will be determined from day one team scores (not by individual scores) and shall be in descending order (9-1).
  • Players will be grouped by position (No. 1 players paired, No. 2 players paired, etc.) within each flight.
  • Tee times will begin with No. 5 players teeing off first, continuing in descending order with No. 1 players teeing off last in each flight.

Championship lineups must be submitted no later than three days prior to the first round of the championship. Players are designated No.1 through No.5 prior to the championship and retain positioning throughout the tournament.

Coaches Packet
A coach’s packet should be made available to all coaches upon their arrival at the championship, which should include tee times, players’ scorecards, hole location sheet, and a local rules sheet.

Practice Round
The course shall be available for inspection and practice for all participants on the day prior to the start of the championship.  Coaches are responsible for contacting the host course to obtain tee times for practice if their institution will be practicing on the day prior to the event, and will be responsible for any associated practice fees.

Practice Range
Participants in the championship are permitted to use a practice range, including but not limited to, one that is present at the host site.

Scorecard Procedure
The scorecard shall be deemed official when a participant turns in a signed card to the scoring official (e.g., scoring pro, tournament director).

In the event of a tie during the championship, the following tiebreaker system will be used (in priority order): 

  1. Count 5th player score from Day Two. *
  2. Count 5th player score from Day One. *
  3. Lowest cumulative individual total. ^
  4. Second-lowest cumulative individual total.
  5. Third-lowest cumulative individual total.
  6. Fourth-lowest cumulative individual total.
  7. Highest cumulative individual total.
  8. Coin toss (or random action if more than two teams are involved).

 * To break a tie among teams of five players, begin with the first criteria. ^ To break a tie among a team of five players and a team with four players, or teams with four players, begin with the third criteria and omit the seventh criteria.

Individual competition will be conducted over 36 holes of stroke play. Ties for the low totals (which determines the Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year) will be settled by a sudden death playoff until the tie is broken starting from hole No. 1. If a sudden-death playoff cannot be completed (due to inclement weather, darkness, etc.), the following system shall be used to break ties:

  1. That round’s score.
  2. Score from previous round(s).
  3. Multiple Players of the Year will be named (co-, tri- Players/Rookies of the Year).

Live Scoring
Live scoring is available for the 2019 championship. With assistance from the conference office, the host SID should provide links and information to each institutions SID, participating coaches, and student athletes. Live scoring is not considered an official score. The official scores will be tallied at the scorer’s table at the conclusion of each competitors round. This service is a benefit for student athletes families and friends who wish to follow their progress throughout the championship.

The host institution is responsible for ensuring live mobile scoring and providing Golfstat with the official results immediately following the conclusion of each round of the championship. Live scoring is not official. The scorecard shall be deemed official when a participant turns in a signed card to the scoring official (e.g., scoring pro, tournament director). Results will be posted and available to coaches immediately following each round of play.

The champion team and medalist will each receive an award at the conclusion of the championship.

Awards will be shipped to the Athletics Director of the institution hosting the championship or delivered by a conference representative prior to the championship. The conference office shall provide a short script for the awards ceremony. 

Prechampionship Poll
Sports Information Directors will submit nominating information for a prechampionship poll through the conference awards website. Coaches will vote in the poll, ranking all participating teams including their own.

All-Conference Teams
All-Conference and annual individual awards are based on the results of the championship. The First Team will consist of the medalist and the next five (5) finishers. The Second Team will consist of the next 5 finishers. The Golfer of the Year will be the top finisher and the Rookie of the Year will be the top first-year finisher. When submitting rosters, coaches should identify all first-year participants (never before competed in collegiate golf).

  • Ties for the low totals (which determines the Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year) will be settled by a sudden death playoff until the tie is broken starting from hole No. 1. If a sudden-death playoff cannot be completed (due to inclement weather, darkness, etc.), the following system shall be used to break ties: That round’s score; Score from previous round; Multiple Players of the Year will be named (co-, tri- Players/Rookies of the Year).
  • The tiebreaker for All-Conference will be results from back nine, and then results from front nine on the final day.

Following the Championship, the head coaches will vote for Coach of the Year and Senior Scholar Athlete. In addition, each coach will select one team member for inclusion on the Sportsmanship Team.


All NAC institutions that sponsor a men's golf team shall participate in the championship. 

Squad Size
Each team is permitted a squad size of four or five players. Each institution is required to submit a lineup according to playing position to the host at least three days prior to the start of the championship.

The Division III Championships Committee approved allowing two designated coaches from each team to give advice during NCAA championship competition. The new policy will become effective at the 2018 championships for men’s golf (2019 championships for women’s golf). The NAC will follow this policy. Thus:

  • Two designated coaches must be recognized institutional representatives. Neither of the two designated coaches may be a current student-athlete or a parent who is not also employed by the institution.
  • The two people will be identified on the pre-championship conference call.
  • A single cart will be assigned to each institution’s designated coaches during practice and competition rounds. The cart is to be used by the designated coaches only and should not be used to transport spectators, team personnel, athletics administrators, student-athletes, golf clubs or golf bags during competition rounds.
  • Advice is given in a private manner that does not unduly delay play.
  • The player may ask for advice from the appointed coaches in accordance with above. Advice includes pointing out the line for putting.

Distance Measuring Device
A distance measuring device can be used by participants for all rounds of competition, provided that the device only measures distance. Devices that include slope/wind capabilities are permitted, as long as they are disabled on the device prior to the stipulated round of competition. In addition, cell phones that feature GPS applications are not permitted. Failure to comply will result in disqualification from the event by the participant.

Head Phones
Participants are not permitted to wear headphones during any part of the stipulated rounds of competition

Each institution shall provide its own golf balls for the practice round and all competition. The USGA one-ball rule (brand) will not be in effect. 

Cars, Carts & Caddies
Motorized carts and caddies may not be used by participants or spectators at the site of the event, including during the practice round. Non-motorized push/pull carts may be used by participants. Golf carts will be provided to coaches and members of the Games Committee.

An exception to this policy will be made to allow a participant to use a motorized cart if the participant is permanently disabled and/or has written documentation from a physician requiring special consideration. A written request must be submitted to the Conference office and Games Committee two weeks prior to the event. Medical documentation from a physician must be submitted with details why the player is unable to walk the course. Spectators, as deemed appropriate, may use a motorized cart.



The championship will be conducted according to NCAA and USGA Men’s Golf rules. Play is governed by the Rules of Golf of the United States Golf Association and where applicable by local rules, which will be provided to coaches:

All cases of dispute and any questions that arise and are not provided for in the NAC Men's Golf Championship Handbook or Guidelines, NAC Bylaws, NCAA manual, or the USGA rulebook shall be referred to and decided by the Games Committee.

Play Suspended, Day Not Played or Not Completed (due to inclement weather, etc.)
If weather precludes the completion of 36 holes of play, the maximum number of holes that have been completed by all participants will determine results.

In the event that the championship is canceled due to inclement weather and that the championship is unable to be rescheduled in the spring, the team that receives the conference AQ to the NCAA championship will be selected from all teams that would have participated in the fall championship. The Games Committee for the championship will utilize the Golfstat Northeast Regional Rankings as of the date of the championship to determine at the site of the championship which team will receive the conference AQ to the NCAA championship

Games Committee
The Games Committee will handle NCAA rules for the championship and shall be comprised of the NAC Commissioner or Associate Commissioner, the tournament rules official, the host athletic director (or designee), and one coach (the next or previous year’s host). The coach alternate will be the coaches sport chair.

Rules Committee
The Rules Committee for the championship will handle all of the USGA rules that govern play and shall be comprised of the host golf professional and their designated staff.

In the event the host institution’s coach serves as the golf professional at the host course, a local PGA Rules Official may be secured to serve as the golf professional representative on the Rules Committee. When possible, the host school will secure a local rules official, who is not the golf pro at the course, to monitor the event.

Travel & Lodging
Teams are responsible for making their own travel and lodging arrangements. The host should provide a list of possible hotels to participating schools.

The host Athletic Director is responsible for overseeing that the championship is carried out in accordance with NAC policies and guidelines. Host institutions should keep in mind that a NAC championship is not a home event. Therefore, hosts should not create a “home atmosphere” through the use of players on programs, displaying host institution signage or similar measures.

Championship Host/Rotation
The conference championship host historically rotates each year by state (Vermont/Maine/Massachusetts) and then by institution within those states. The rotation may be adjusted according to changes in membership and/or sport sponsorship. The list of past hosts is as follows:

  • 2019 - Thomas
  • 2018 – NVU-Johnson
  • 2017 – MCLA
  • 2016 – Husson
  • 2015 – Castleton
  • 2014 – Salem State
  • 2013 – Maine Maritime
  • 2012 – UMaine-Farmington
  • 2011 – Johnson (prior to MCLA joining the NAC)
  • 2010 – Green Mountain (prior to Salem State and MCLA joining the NAC)

The host and site of the conference championship shall be secured and announced no later than the August Athletics Directors meeting, a year prior to the championship.       

Facility Requirements
The host institution must secure an 18-hole golf course for the championship. The course shall be available for participants the day prior to the event for a practice round. The course should conform to United States Golf Association (USGA) and NCAA guidelines. 

 The championship must be conducted at a course that meets the following minimum yardage relative to par:

               Par 70 – 6,100 yards
               Par 71 – 6,300 yards
               Par 72 – 6,500 yards

Tee Times
It is recommended that tee times be completed by 12:30 p.m. each day. Second day tee times should be booked as early as possible.

All teams participating in the championship will share in the cost of conducting the event.  The host institution will work with the course and communitate entry fee required for each team to participate (which should include lunch for both days).

Tournament Director 
The host institution shall assign an administrator to serve as the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the championship. The head coach (or assistant coach) of that sport may not serve as the Tournament Director. 

Enforcing Championship Guidelines
The host institution Athletic Director and Tournament Director are responsible for ensuring that the championship race, including pre- and post-race items, adheres to the policies and procedures contained in these guidelines.

Medical Personnel
The host institution is required to have a Certified Athletic Trainer on site, from one hour prior to the first tee time through the final tee time each day. Sports Medicine staff from visiting schools should communicate needs and travel plans to the host Certified Athletic Trainer ahead of the championship.

Sports Information
The host Sports Information Director (or designee) is responsible for championship programs, photography, official results, public address announcements, and communicating with the associate commissioner.

The host SID will register the event with Golfstat. The host SID is responsible for ensuring participants utilize the live scoring App during the championship and for providing Golfstat with the results immediately following each round of play. The host SID shall also share updated results and a brief summary of each day’s action with the conference office and competing teams at the conclusion of each day of competition.

Participants’ SIDs should forward any post-tournament requests to the host SID the Tuesday prior to the championship.

If feasible, the host institution’s Sports Information Director should produce a meet program, which should be neutral in nature, devote an equal amount of space to each team, and may be printed in black and white ink. Programs should include participating team rosters (with name, class/year, hometown, etc.), top performers, NAC sponsor logos, and the NCAA/NAC sportsmanship statement. Visiting teams should forward appropriate material to the host SID as soon as possible, but no later than the Monday prior to the championship.  

The host institution is responsible for the cost of producing the program. It is permissible to sell meet programs, and the income from such sales may be used to defray/cover the cost of producing the program.  

Additional advertising in championship programs is permissible. However, advertisements that include the following content are prohibited: alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and other tobacco products, and organizations promoting gambling.

NAC Banners
The NAC Banner should be displayed during the championship.

Spectators & Crowd Control
The responsibility for crowd control rests with the host institution and the Tournament Director. Administrators and coaches of participating institutions are expected to communicate with their students and other fans that support for teams should be done in a positive manner. The NAC sportsmanship statement should be communicated to fans before the race, and is to be included in the championship program. 

The host institution is encouraged to have food and beverages available for spectators at events. Sales from such ventures remain with the host institution.

Alcohol & Tobacco
Alcohol and tobacco use is not permitted and shall not be made available or be brought into any NAC championship event venue, which extends to clubhouse and other facilities (the golf course shall define “other facilities” – i.e. the parking lot). 

Championships T-shirts and Merchandise
Institutions may choose to sell NAC championship merchandise. All merchandise must be approved by the conference office in advance of the championship.


Updated 8/20/19