2014 Men's Golf Schedule

Date Teams/Event Time Score Links
August 30 vs. Johnson State @ Johnson State Invitational 4th/4
September 05 vs. Maine Maritime @ UMPI Invitational 2nd/3
September 07 vs. Castleton @ Trinity Invitational T-4th/13
  vs. Maine-Farmington @ Bowdoin Invitational 12th/12
  vs. Husson @ Bowdoin Invitational 7th/12
September 10 vs. Johnson State @ Middlebury College
September 11 vs. Maine-Farmington @ UMaine-Farmington Invitational 7th/8
  vs. Husson @ UMaine-Farmington Invitational 1st/8
  vs. Maine Maritime @ UMaine-Farmington Invitational 3rd/8
  vs. Thomas @ UMaine-Farmington Invitational 8th/8
September 12 vs. Johnson State @ SUNY Cobleskill Men's Invitational 6th/7
  vs. MCLA @ SUNY Cobleskill Men's Invitational 7th/7
September 14 vs. Salem State @ Duke Nelson Invitational 5th/25
  vs. Castleton @ Duke Nelson Invitational 19th/25
  vs. Maine-Farmington @ Maine Collegiate Championship 10th/11
  vs. Husson @ Maine Collegiate Championship 1st/11
  vs. Maine Maritime @ Maine Collegiate Championship 5th/11
September 17 vs. Me.-Presque Isle @ Castine Invitational L, 328-325
September 18 vs. MCLA @ MCLA Invitational 5th/5
September 19 vs. Johnson State @ Newbury College Invitational 3rd/3
September 20 vs. Castleton @ Husson Invitational 2nd/10
  vs. Maine-Farmington @ Husson Invitational 9th/10
  vs. Husson @ Husson Invitational 1st/10
  vs. Maine Maritime @ Husson Invitational 3rd/10
September 21 vs. Maine-Farmington @ Thomas Classic 3rd/4
  vs. Salem State @ Williams College Invitational 10th/19
  vs. MCLA @ Williams College Invitational 19th/19
September 23 vs. Maine-Farmington @ St. Joseph's College John Queenan Invitational 4th/5
September 24 vs. Castleton @ Elms College Invitational 2nd/17
  vs. MCLA @ Elms College Invitational 12th/17
September 26 vs. Castleton @ Lou Jarvis Memorial Invitational 1st/4
  vs. Johnson State @ Lou Jarvis Memorial Invitational 4th/4
  vs. Maine-Farmington @ Univ. of Southern Maine Cup 4th/4
September 30 vs. Maine-Farmington @ Univ. of New England Invitational 6th/6
  vs. Maine Maritime @ Univ. of New England Invitational 4th/6
  vs. Castleton @ Westfield State Invitational 3rd/14
  vs. Johnson State @ Westfield State Invitational 13th/14
  vs. MCLA @ Westfield State Invitational 12th/14
October 02 vs. Maine Maritime @ Mariner Invitational 1st/6
  vs. UMaine-Farmington @ Mariner Invitational 6th/6
October 06 vs. Castleton @ University of Southern Maine Fall Classic 4th/9
  vs. Maine-Farmington @ University of Southern Maine Fall Classic 9th/9
  vs. Husson @ University of Southern Maine Fall Classic 5th/9
October 12 vs. Castleton @ ECAC Championships T10th/22
  at Crumpin-Fox Club, Bernardston, Mass.
  vs. Husson @ ECAC Championships 14th/22
  at Crumpin-Fox Club, Bernardston, Mass.
  vs. Salem State @ ECAC Championships T5th/22
  at Crumpin-Fox Club, Bernardston, Mass.
  vs. MCLA @ ECAC Championships 22nd/22
  Crumpin-Fox Club, Bernardston, Mass.
October 19 vs. All Teams @ NAC Championships Champion - Salem State
  at Black Swan Country Club, Georgetown, Mass.
October 27 vs. Salem State @ NEIGA Championship T9th/22
  vs. Husson @ NEIGA Championship 4th/22
  vs. Castleton @ NEIGA Championship T11th/22
  vs. MCLA @ NEIGA Championship 22nd/22
May 13 at Salem State 39th/41
  NCAA Championship