2017 Women's Cross Country Schedule

Date Teams/Event Time Score Links
September 02 Castleton @ Southern Vermont Invitational 2nd/5
  Green Mountain @ Southern Vermont Invitational 1st/5
  Johnson State @ Southern Vermont Invitational 3rd/5
  Husson @ Fens Classic
  Colby-Sawyer @ UMF Invitational 3rd/7
  UMaine-Farmington @ UMF Invitational 2nd/7
  Maine Maritime @ UMF Invitational 6th/7
  New England College @ UMF Invitational 5th/7
  Thomas @ UMF Invitational 2nd/7
  UMaine-Presque Isle @ UMF Invitational 7th/7
September 09 Castleton @ Castleton Invitational 2nd/8
  Green Mountain @ Castleton Invitational 4th/8
  New England College @ Castleton Invitational NTS
  Husson @ Husson Invitational 1st/2
  UMaine-Presque Isle @ Husson Invitational NTS
  Lyndon @ Plymouth Invitational 2nd/3
  Maine Maritime @ UNE Invitational 7th/10
  Thomas @ UNE Invitational 10th/10
September 16 Castleton @ UMass-Dartmouth Invitational 32nd/40
  Colby-Sawyer @ UMass-Dartmouth Invitational 25th/40
  UMaine-Farmington @ UMass-Dartmouth Invitational 22nd/40
  Maine Maritime @ UMass-Dartmouth Invitational 37th/40
  New England College @ UMass-Dartmouth Invitational 34th/40
  Green Mountain @ Johnson State Invitational 3rd/4
  Johnson State @ Johnson State Invitational 2nd/4
  Husson @ RSEQ AUS Interlock Meet 6th/6
  Lyndon @ Bowdoin Invitational 8th/9
  Thomas @ Bowdoin Invitational 9th/9
September 23 Colby-Sawyer @ Williams Invitational 24th/26
  Green Mountain @ Williams Invitational 26th/26
  New England College @ Gordon Invitational 5th/12
  UMaine-Presque Isle @ Gordon Invitational 9th/12
  Maine Maritime @ Mariner Invitational
September 30 Castleton @ Vermont State Meet 3rd/8
  Green Mountain @ Vermont State Meet 8th/8
  Johnson State @ Vermont State Meet 7th/8
  Lyndon @ Vermont State Meet 5th/8
  UMaine-Farmington @ Bowdoin Invitational 5th/8
  Husson @ Bowdoin Invitational 6th/8
  Maine Maritime @ Bowdoin Invitational 7th/8
  UMaine-Presque Isle @ Bowdoin Invitational 8th/8
  New England College @ Keene State Invitational
October 06 Maine Maritime @ Colby Relays NTS
  UMaine-Farmington @ Colby Relays NTS
October 07 Colby-Sawyer @ Westfield Invitational 24th/33
  New England College @ Westfield Invitational 28th/33
  Johnson State @ St. Joseph's Invitational NTS
  UMaine-Farmington @ St. Joseph's Invitational 1st/4
  Thomas @ St. Joseph's Invitational 4th/4
October 13 Colby-Sawyer @ Emmanuel Invitational 7th/22
  New England College @ Emmanuel Invitational NTS
October 14 Castleton @ Western New England Invitational 6th/9
  Lyndon @ Western New England Invitational 8th/9
  Green Mountain @ Green Mountain Invitational 5th/5
  UMaine-Farmington @ Maine State Championship 5th/12
  Husson @ Maine State Championship 8th/12
  Maine Maritime @ Maine State Championship 9th/12
  Thomas @ Maine State Championship 11th/12
  UMaine-Presque Isle @ Maine State Championship 12th/12
October 20 Thomas @ Thomas Invitational
October 21 Johnson State @ Williams Invitational 3rd/4
  Lyndon @ Williams Invitational NTS
October 28 All Teams @ NAC Championship Champions - Colby-Sawyer
November 10 UMaine-Presque Isle @ USCAA National Championships
November 11 Colby-Sawyer @ NCAA Division III New England Regional Championships 36th/56
  (University of Southern Maine)
  UMaine-Farmington @ NCAA Division III New England Regional Championships 42nd/56
  (University of Southern Maine)
  Castleton @ NCAA Division III New England Regional Championships 45th/56
  (University of Southern Maine)
  Husson @ NCAA Division III New England Regional Championships 51st/56
  (University of Southern Maine)
  Lyndon @ NCAA Division III New England Regional Championships 52nd/56
  (University of Southern Maine)
  Maine Maritime @ NCAA Division III New England Regional Championships 54th/56
  (University of Southern Maine)
  Thomas @ NCAA Division III New England Regional Championships 56th/56
  (University of Southern Maine)
  New England College @ NCAA Division III New England Regional Championships NTS
  (University of Southern Maine)
November 18 Abby Shafer - NEC @ NCAA Championship 1:15 PM
  at the North Farm Facility in Elsah, Illinois